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Fighting the Good Fight.

We’ve heard it since we were little, “ignorance is bliss”. I’ve seen it play out over and over in the past few years. I’ve been astonished at how blind people can be to the issues of our society. I’ve experienced overwhelming emotions ranging from rage to feeling lost and not knowing where to start. How am I going to change the world when I don’t know how to explain the realities that persist to those who don’t see it that way?

Through this question sitting at the back of my mind for over a year, I’ve had to find peace in there not being a straight forward answer. Some people may never care to see the harsh realities that unfairly persist, simply because it does not affect them. If someone can naively ignore something that does not hold them back, there is often nothing you can do. They might care later in life if something hits close to home, but even if not, it is not your responsibility to stress over. There have been some realizations made in this past year, through many trials and tribulations, that I hope might help someone in the same position I find myself in often.

First, you cannot change the world if you are drowning yourself. Or in other words, you cannot battle the world and yourself at the same time. You need to allow yourself peace, especially when there are pressing issues that aim to disrupt said peace. If you are able to center yourself and ground your mind to what makes you who you are, the world and stress won’t knock you down. Most importantly, people will not be able to sway your emotions as drastically. You only have one you. Protect your peace and then watch all the good you can create while you’re radiating light.

Secondly, you cannot make someone listen or see things they do not want to see. Better yet, you cannot make someone care. We are all made up of the views that we were raised with, the cultures we have been emerged in, and the circumstances we have been placed in. These factors birth every individual’s worldview. These may change and shift over time, but they will not be broken down in one conversation. We are all placed into this world and we decide what we want to see and what we care about, these often become our guiding core values. It doesn’t necessarily make one person a better human than the next. Essentially, it is a simple fact that they just have different core values. And how we choose to act on them can pit people up against each other. For example, if someone has a core value to allow individuals to make the best decision for themself- but, someone else has a core value of protecting unborn children- they might not ever come to the same conclusion regarding hot topics. Neither of them is wrong in a big picture sense, but how we choose to act on these principles will define our morals and character.

Lastly, do not let anyone cross boundaries you set, and whatever you do, stand tall on everything you believe. I will be okay if not everyone cares about the things I do- but I will not if I let myself fall short on making the change I believe I am capable of. I will be okay if someone talks about me in a negative light, due to the things I am passionate about- but I will not if someone continuously disrupts my peace by crossing created boundaries. If we have anything in this world of confusion and difficulties, we can have peace that we stood tall against all opposition, despite how terrifying it might have seemed in the moment. You are allowed to create boundaries with the people in your life when it comes to your core values and peace. You are absolutely within your rights to limit access to your energy and peace if someone tends to disrupt it. This is your life and you get to create it to be what you envision it to be.

There are going to be difficult people and circumstances in all walks of life and at every turn. Humans are beyond complex and frustrating at times, but they can also be full of grace and love. The way you respond is what will make the difference and create the change you are seeking. You can create more change by having grace and understanding with conflict versus if you were to respond with negative energy. This will also allow you to protect your peace against a draining and unnecessary fight. Focus on the bigger picture and embrace the uncertainty. You will end up where you need to be when you need to be.

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