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April 28, 2020

This week in nature, faint smells of pine are stopping me in my tracks, I’m noticing flower buds where last week I saw only green, it’s all so exciting and beautiful and energetic. And yet, when I’m beginning something, I rush through it, adoringly peer up at experts, research, ask about their journey, I spin and push and validate as if I need to hurry up and get there, maybe even ashamed of my hereness.


But wow, aren’t beginners powerful reminders, so closely connected with the appreciation of it all. Like an experienced captain sailing in the distance of a child recklessly splashing on the shore. Its hard to tell which is more beautiful or even more brave? There is time to grow, time to be the best in the room, time to give advice but I guess I’m saying, we can still stop and smell the rose buds.


Spring is our gentle reminder that it’s okay to be new. It’s okay to be the beginner, the rookie, the bud. Is there an aspect of your life where you have no idea what your bloom looks like? 

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